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Guidelines for Submitting an Article

Written articles and photographs that focus on a successful aspect of a synagogue architectural project are welcome. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Decision making; getting the project started
  • Committees and congregational communication
  • Fund raising
  • Zoning and regulatory challenges
  • Innovative design solutions
  • Energy conservation
  • Accessibility

Be as explicit as possible about what made your project successful. When referencing people, try to describe them by their role rather than by name (for example: “the building committee chairperson” rather than “Bob Goldstein”). 

An article written or adapted for the internet should be approximately 300 – 800 words. Sub-headings and bullets help the reader scroll through the material easily.

Please include the following information:
Author’s name

  • Author’s role or involvement in the synagogue’s architectural project
  • Author’s current role or involvement in the synagogue
  • Author’s contact information (email/telephone/fax)

Congregation name

  • Congregation’s address (street, city, state)
  • Congregation’s contact person (if different from the author)
  • Congregation’s contact information (email/telephone/fax)

Photographer’s name (if applicable)

  • Project description or title (“Historical Restoration”)
  • Project dates (year started and/or completed)

Please submit information in the following manner:

Written articles are preferred as Word documents or pdf files if photographs are attached and can be emailed to

Photographs should be professional quality images of the synagogue building or grounds only and should not include people. Print photographs will be accepted; digital images are preferred in jpeg or tif format and must be submitted on a disk. Label disks and photographs and mail them to the Union for Reform Judaism, Ida & Howard Wilkoff Department of Synagogue Management, 633 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017. Please note that these materials will not be returned.

For additional information please
contact us.

The Union for Reform Judaism reserves the right to edit, use and reproduce any written article and photo image. Acceptance of these materials does not constitute a referral or endorsement of any product or service.